As Bracknell & Wokingham Swimming Club turns 60 this year, it is good that a former member has shared the photo taken back in the mid 1970’s

Stacy Baldwin (nee Morris) was a member of Bracknell swimming club between 1970 and 1980 and recalls swimming at Broad Lane and Harmanswater before the club moved on to the sports centre which is when the club really started to grow. The photograph was taken at a gala which formed part of a festival of sport that was organised between teams from Bracknell and Opladen to celebrate the twinning of the 2 towns.  Like me, she hopes that some people will be able to recognise themselves.

Stacy believes that she must have been standing on the diving board base as “I am looking over the heads of lots of swimmers with an arm in the air holding my swimming goggles”. She also says, “I may be wrong, but I think it could possibly be Peter Morris standing on the ‘shelf’ at the back of the picture. We all watched the TV riveted when he competed in the 200m Butterfly event in the 1980 Olympics”. (Peter was the fastest qualifier to go into the finals in a time of 2:02.72, he narrowly missed the bronze medal with his final time of 2:02.27).

Her father, Roy Morris, also became very involved in the club when he was one of the team of parents who became involved in growing the club from its low-key early days at Broad Lane to its re invention and growth once it moved to the sports centre. He eventually became President of the club until they moved to Bath in 1980.