Stage 7

Stage 7

In Stage 7 Swimmers will work predominantly on their leg kick and technique to develop a strong body position and balance over all four strokes.

Swimmers will also be developing their knowledge of the correct starts and finishes and progress their diving from the poolside to make it safe and efficient. Overall in this group, we are looking to develop effective strokes and good feel for the water, whilst building on the swimmers understanding of the rules of racing.

This group is suitable for swimmers aged 6 – 7 years


Stage 7 swimmers will require the following equipment:

  • Kick Board
  • Bracknell & Wokingham Swimming Club Hat
  • Drink (water)
  • Short/mid length flippers

Stage 7 Criteria

(ASA Stage 7)

  1. Perform a 25m length of well-timed freestyle with a strong leg kick, arms switching with good timing and correct breathing throughout
  2. Perform 25m of backstroke starting with a streamlined push and glide on back from two feet, streamlined under the water (alternate arm pull down) Straight arm recovery and good body position throughout, correct pitch for hand entry and finish on back
  3. Perform 25m Breaststroke showing correct timing and a legal stroke with a legal underwater phase and two handed finish
  4. Perform a breaststroke underwater phase of 3 counts per section
  5. Perform 15m of Butterfly full stroke with arms clearing the water on every pull and two kicks per stroke (no freestyle or breaststroke kicks)
  6. Perform 2 lengths of streamlined kick for ALL strokes maintaining correct arm and body position throughout
  7. Perform a standing racing dive from the block safely into deep water (1.5m)
  8. Understand and perform finishes for all 4 strokes
  9. Perform streamlined underwater phases for backstroke, freestyle and butterfly to the 5m mark staying underwater
  10. Perform 4 (25m) lengths of freestyle with controlled good technique and breathing patterns throughout, without stopping

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