Level 3 Open Meets

Level 3 Open Meets

Current Meet

2nd December 2017 short course at Bracknell Leisure Centre – Licence 3SE171734

Previous Meets

  • 01-07-2017 BWSC Summer L3 Open Meet – Bracknell Leisure Centre SC – Licence 3SE171288 SC
  • 26-03-2017 BWSC Spring L3 Open – Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre LC – Licence 3SE170537
  • 03-12-2016 BWSC Winter L3 Open Meet – Bracknell Leisure Centre SC – Licence 3SE162293

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Photography Policy BWSC Level 3 Open Meet.

By its very nature, this Open Meet is in the public arena. By entering this competition the participant and their parents acknowledge that it may result in the recording and publication of his/her image.

In line with recent guidance from the ASA, we no longer require registration of devices capable of recording images. The ASA have changed their guidance as “with technological development, this has proved no longer practical or beneficial.”