Master Coach: Jim Dobinson

Masters swimming has long been established within the area of Bracknell and Wokingham.

Initially under the auspices of Bracknell Masters and more recently as Bracknell & Wokingham Masters.

A sound Masters Swim Programme based at a good location and professionally structured for the development of competitive training has been established as the basis for those Masters swimmers with a long term commitment. The current programme of training encourages our Masters to achieve the levels of fitness and the technical aspects of all strokes needed to then develop further their competitive performances.

Jim Dobinson, a Swim England level 4 Coach, who has also achieved the Swim England Masters Module, organises the training programme. Jim has been involved in masters Coaching for over 50 years and coached Masters Swimmers and Triathletes from Club and County level competition with many going on to achieve higher levels of success at National, European and World Championship competition.

The general aims of the Masters’ programme are to ensure that all personal targets can be achieved and to allow each of our Masters to then progressively work to towards success at higher levels of competition.

The Masters programme also caters for Triathletes, Open Water swimmers or similar sports persons who want to achieve higher technical standards and performance in their swimming activity.

Jim will review all technical aspects of the swimmer’s stroke or strokes, together with other technical issues linked to the swimmer’s events, to ensure that each member of the squad can achieve the best possible result at each progressive competitive level targeted by the squad swimmer.

Bracknell & Wokingham SC would like to hear from any potential Master Swimmers who are interested in joining a progressive programme of swimming training to achieve improved levels of fitness and competitive results. You will be assured of a friendly and positive response which will develop into a long-term camaraderie and friendship within the Masters’ squad. It is not all work and no play, there are various times during the year when we meet socially and unwind from the stress of life and training.

To register your initial interest to join the BWSC Masters’ Squad please could you send an email to either Jim Dobinson (Masters Coach) or Terry Wright (Membership), including a brief outline of your aims and past involvement in masters swimming together with your strokes and any related times for distances swum. This information will then be used by our coach Jim Dobinson to process your application and then determine a time and place for you to attend for a trial session.

Further to the trial session you will receive an email to confirm the outcome of the trial session.

The long term aim of the Bracknell & Wokingham Masters Squad is to develop a broader base and stronger competitive unit therefore we look forward to receiving any inquiries from prospective Master swimmers.

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Your squad Rep is: Karen Leftley

Please contact Karen with any questions about training, galas and meets or general questions about the club.