Additional Needs

Additional Needs

Victoria Crane

Additional Needs Coordinator: Victoria Crane

Victoria Crane is our new Additional Needs Coordinator and she has 14 years experience of working with young people with additional needs.

Victoria is passionate about supporting our swimmers with additional needs, their parents and carers and coaches. BWSC believe that we can support any additional need, whether emotional, behavioural or physical, to enable our swimmers to achieve and excel.

Victoria is available at the BWSC club night on Tuesdays (Bracknell Leisure Centre) and by email to

Additional Needs Coordinator Role

  • To be the confidential and sensitive link person between our young people with additional needs, their parents/carers, coaches and the club.
  • To keep a database of the additional needs of our young people to be kept in accordance with BWSC Safeguarding and data protection regulations.
  • To listen to the parents/carers advice for successful strategies that work with their young person with additional needs. To relate these successful strategies back to the young person’s coach.
  • To be available to confidentially listen to the concerns of the young people with additional needs, their parents/carers and the club. This helps those involved to know that their specific needs are being addressed with sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • To research and make available relevant swimming specific training for BWSC coaches. To take part in relevant swimming specific training and relay this training to BWSC coaches.