Foundation 2

Foundation 2

Foundation 2 Coach: Garry MacGregor

Garry has been teaching and coaching at the club for a number of years and holds a Level 2 coaching qualification.

The Foundation 2 squad will be many swimmers’ first step into competitive swimming, and Garry will build on the skills which have been learned in the swim academy, working on starts, turns and streamlining whilst always focussing on improving all four strokes and generally building a healthy competitive attitude to swimming.

Foundation 2

Swimmers progress through the academy before being promoted to Foundation 2 where they aim to develop further on fundamental skills such as starts, turns and underwater phases and all four strokes. Swimmers in Foundation 2 also start to get that competitive edge by competing in internal galas as well as level 3 open meets and aspiring to County level standard.

Squad Criteria

  • Swimmers are aged 8-9 years old in Foundation 2 and aspire to County standard.
  • Compete regularly at Club Championships, inter club galas (if selected), Bracknell & Wokingham’s own internal galas and start to compete at level 3 meets.
  • Monitored on all strokes, starts, turns and underwater and have good skills.
  • Swimmers should aim for an average of 2 sessions per week but 3 sessions is preferred.
  • Abide by the swimmer’s code of conduct.

Swimmers who do not meet the minimum attendance or competition standard level will be moved to Foundation 1. another suitable squad or their membership will not be renewed.

Promotion Criteria to Pre-Development

  • Attendance very high if wanting to move up to Pre-Development.
  • Compete at competitions and start to compete at level 3 meets.
  • Good skills on all four strokes, starts, turns and underwater and continual assessment.
  • Aspire to County Standard level.
  • Promotion is at the discretion of the coaches.

The criteria above will be at the coaches discretion.

Pool Locations
Training Schedule

Your squad Rep is: Sarah Knight

Please contact Sarah with any questions about training, galas and meets or general questions about the club.