Stage 6

Stage 6

Our focus in this group is to develop effective breathing patterns and strong legal leg kick for all four strokes, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Swimmers will also be taught to perform sitting dives safely at the beginning of every warm up, consistently demonstrate streamlined push and glides with good technique and learn how to finish correctly on every stroke. Our overall outcome from this group is to teach swimmers a controlled focussed technique in all four strokes.

This group is suitable for swimmers aged 5 – 7 years. Groups are kept small to ensure swimmers have the opportunity to take in all of the elements of the criteria and to work on their individual strokes and skills.


Stage 6 swimmers will require the following equipment at every lesson
• Kick Board
• Bracknell & Wokingham Swimming Club Hat
• Drink (water)
• Short/mid length flippers

Stage 6 Criteria

(ASA Stage 6)
1. Complete a dry side warm up
2. Sitting dive into two full lengths of freestyle maintaining good timing, breathing and kick throughout. Not needing to rest mid-length or being fearful of swimming away from the wall
3. Complete 2 lengths of backstroke using the flags to finish on back, with good timing and body position throughout
4. Complete two lengths of breaststroke with correct turned out kick and correctly timed arm pulls (leading and to the front of the stroke) that do not pull down under the body
5. Complete 6 arm pulls of butterfly with straight arms clearing the water and correct head position
6. Complete two lengths of dolphin kick breathing to the front (not using arms) or breaking leg position (no flutter kicks)
7. Complete two lengths of freestyle kick on front and back in streamlined position
8. Perform a basic standing dive into deep water
9. Complete a basic standing dive into one length of swimming.
10. Perform a forward and backward roll
11. Complete a streamlined underwater phase to the flags for freestyle, fly and backstroke

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