Stage 5

Stage 5

Our aim in this class is to develop basic breathing patterns and legal leg kick for all four strokes, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Swimmers will also be taught to perform basic skills and be introduced to sitting dives. Our overall outcome from this group is to teach swimmers a controlled basic technique in all four strokes, over 25m lengths.

This group is suitable for swimmers aged 5 – 7 years.


Stage 5 swimmers will require the following equipment at every lesson
• Kick Board
• Bracknell & Wokingham Swimming Club Hat
• Drink (water)
• Short/mid length flippers

Stage 5 (A/B) Criteria

Stage 5 A/B
1. Perform 25m of freestyle breathing regularly every 3 arm pulls, with correct timing and keeping supporting arm extended when breathing.
2. Perform 25m backstroke with correct timed arms with straight recovery over the water and a finish with one hand on back. Start with an over the top push and glide with two feet.
3. Perform 25 of breaststroke breathing every stroke, arms then legs timing with a glide and stretch (two-handed touch)
4. Perform 3 – 5 arm pulls of butterfly with straight arms over the water.
5. Perform 1/2 a length of dolphin kick in streamline (breathe with breaststroke arms) and 1/2 a length arms at side, breathing to the front.
6. Perform 25m of streamlined backstroke kick with correct body position at speed, finishing and starting on back.
7. Perform 25m of streamlined breaststroke kick with correct body position at speed, finishing and starting on back.
8. Swim 25m ALL strokes in deep water maintaining technique and without needed to stop or use the wall or assist.
9. Jump into deep water comfortably.
10. Perform a sitting dive into deep water.
11. Perform a streamlined push and glide (maintain this skill throughout lessons)

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