Pre Squad White

Pre Squad White

The Pre Squad groups are at the top of the Academy. Once swimmers have achieved the full Pre Squad criteria, they will be invited to trial with the squads in the main program.

Swimmers in Pre Squad White train for 2 hours per week.

Swimmers skills are developed further with a focus on racing technique and efficient stroke development. The aim in this group is to get swimmers ready to be able to cope with a higher intensity and quantity of training whilst maintaining their controlled strokes when they move into the competitive/performance program. Created for swimmers aged 8-10 years. Development of correct and efficient starts and turns is a priority at this level and is a central part of the criteria to ensure they can excel in the squads they will hopefully progress in to.

After swimmers have met all the criteria, if they are within the set age limits, they will be invited to join the squads in the main program.


Swimmers in the Pre Squad 2 will require the following equipment:

  • Kick Board
  • Pull Buoy
  • Bracknell & Wokingham Swimming Club Hat
  • Drink (water)
  • Short/mid length flippers

(Swimmers with no drink will not be allowed to train due to the intensity and length of the sessions)

Pre Squad Criteria

  • Complete 100m of Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with efficient technique and good speed. Swimmers should perform correct starts and turns with a 5m minimum legal underwater phase on each start/turn.
  • Complete 50m of butterfly with good technique, 5m underwater phase and correct finish. Be able to breathe every 1 and/or every 2 in practice keeping timing correct. (No fins)
  • Perform 200m IM full stroke with correct turns maintaining efficient strokes throughout the IM and correct turns and finishes.
  • Perform a basic backstroke to breaststroke flip turn safely in deep water 1.5m for IM with knees tucked up following the legal rules into a breakout for breaststroke.
  • Perform 200m IM kick with correct legal efficient turns and strong leg kick throughout.
  • Complete a set over 600m continuously maintaining proper technique throughout and correct efficient turns at every wall.
  • Complete 4 x 100m IM Drill @ 3.20 min – keeping inside the times and maintaining controlled drills throughout, and 4 x 100m freestyle at @3.00 min.
  • Pass ASA Start Award criteria for diving (Demonstrate a grab start, track start and wind up start in both deep 1.5m and safely dive into shallow water 0.9m/1.1m)
  • Perform 15m underwater in streamlined position on both front and back using both freestyle and butterfly kick.
  • Compete 100m Freestyle and 100m IM in training at race pace to gain a time. Take part in coaches challenge throughout the term.
  • Perform a step takeover in a relay setting, at race pace.