Advanced 1

Advanced 1

The focus of this group is to ensure racing skills are being mastered to a high level for swimmers aged 9 – 10 years. Swimmers should leave with an excellent knowledge of all starts, underwater phases and correct finishes for all strokes. They will develop efficient technique and perfect their IM turns, effectively use turns in training for all strokes and understand the rules of disqualifications for all strokes and turns. Swimmers will be developing their diving technique and learning relay takeovers. Along with our teaching practices, in this group, we start to introduce elements of training practices such as clockwork and specific terminology.

Swimmers in the Advanced groups swim for 2 hours and 30 minutes per week.


Swimmers in Advanced 1 will require the following equipment:

  • Kick Board
  • Pull Buoy
  • Bracknell & Wokingham Swimming Club Hat
  • Drink (water)
  • Short/mid length flippers

(Swimmers with no drink will not be allowed to train due to the intensity and length of the sessions)

Advanced 1 Criteria

  1. Perform 100m of Freestyle backstroke and breaststroke with correct push and glides and underwater phases at the start, followed by legal coordinated turns for each stroke and correct finishes.
  2. Perform proficient tumble turns for freestyle and backstroke from the 15m mark and back, to include the underwater phase and breakout kicks and strokes.
  3. Perform proficient two-handed touch turns for breaststroke and butterfly, with skilled underwater phase following.
  4. Perform legal underwater phases to 7-10m mark for all 4 strokes including 2 breakout arm pulls.
  5. Perform 50m of full stroke butterfly with correct breathing pattern and legal stroke – arms clearing the water on every pull and no freestyle fluttering from legs or breaststroke kicks (can be with fins)
  6. Perform 100m IM as streamlined kick with correct IM turns, maintaining streamline position.
  7. Perform 100m IM full stroke with correct IM turns, maintaining technique and underwater skills.
  8. Perform a (safe and effective) sitting dive, standing dive (grab start) and track start from the wall into 50m of swimming.
  9. Complete a skilled over the water backstroke racing start, with the correct head position and underwater work.
  10. At training pace, complete 200m of freestyle with a strong underwater phase, with efficient technique throughout and correct legal tumble turns.
  11. Perform a basic relay step takeover start into deep water.

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