In a year when the European Masters in being held, Long Corse meets are always more popular. It’s in Budapest in June this year and as a result, the British Long Course are being held in April, earlier than usual and it’s had a knock on effect for other competitions. 

Entries for the British Long Course event opened on Monday 24th Feb at mid-day, later that day it closed as it became full with many top swimmers seeming to have missed getting their entries in. Were the qualifying times too easy? Something to be looked at and we will see what was decided as it reopens later this week.

What was popular and also filled up quick were entries to the British 1500m event that was with the Welsh Open Masters Meet this weekend. There just isn’t the space to include it with the the main event.

So onto to this weekends competition. Dave Davenport, Terry Wright, Jevjenijs Putans, Mandy and Kirtsy Johnson were the Bracknell and Wokingham contingent.

Dave took the opportunity to swim in the Freestyle events and achieved 2 Gold and 3 Silvers and 7 Club Records. The first being the 400m Free with a record for the 200m split as well as the event. Then in the 1500m event with the Silver were Records at 800 and 1500. In the 200m it was Gold and Records at 100 and 200. Just outside a record with the Silver in the 50m and the final event, the 800 m with silver and an improvement on the split in the 1500.A mixed set of results for Terry. 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals and 2 Club Records. First event and Gold in the 200m I/M followed by 4th in the 100m Breaststroke with an improved record. Bronze and an established new record in the 1500m Free. Bronze and just outside his own 100m Backstroke. An agonising Silver and 0.06 outside the 200m Breaststroke record with a final Bronze from the 50m Free.

Kirsty swam the 200m & 400m Medleys and achieved Gold in both swam a pb in her 400m event in the attempt getting closer to the record. Silver also from her 50m Fly.

Mandy Johnson also swam in the 50m Fly for fourth, a Silver in her 50m Breaststroke.

Already holding all 3 Breaststroke Records, Jevjenijs was keen to improve on them and he did, in all three. Bronze for the 50m event, Silver for the 100 and Bronze for the 200. In addition he swam the 50m Backstroke for a Silver and a record and the final event the 50n Free for a Bronze.

It was a case of another weekends swimming, another storm, we had Ciara at the Isle of Wight and Storm Jorge this weekend. Let’s hope that all is clear next Saturday 7th March for Bracknell’s own Masters Meet.